Skoota Warner

Instruments: Drums & Vocals

Origin: USA

Label: OGW Entertainment LLC

Distribution: www.skootawarner.com

Territory: Worldwide

Skoota Warner was born and raised in Newnan, Georgia. At the age of nine, his interest in playing drums led him to the church and to listen to gospel. By the age of eleven he was touring the South with various gospel groups. During high school he improved his percussive skills and after graduating, he decided to go where musicians who wanted to make it went: New York City.

After only a few weeks, Skoota was spotted playing with Pepeu Gomes and Baby Consuelo, Brazil's top pop artists at that time. At age 18, Skoota left for Brazil with them where he lived for two years, playing live rock shows and recording several albums with diverse Brazilian artists.

When Skoota returned to New York, he landed gigs with blues musicians, funk and hip-hop stars. 1989 hallmarked Skoota's ascending career when Omar Hakim chose him to be the drummer for the Rhythm Deep Project. Since 1990, Skoota has played with such established artists as Santana, John Scofield, Lionel Richie, Jefferson Airplane, Roberta Flack, Cyndi Lauper or Madonna. Skoota is an all-around musician that can go from ballads to rock, funk to R&B, pop to hip-hop, jazz to blues and back with precision and ease. His ability to adapt to any music has earned him a place of honor as a top sideman on numerous stages.
In 1996, Skoota and three other friends formed the band Ra, an alternative metal band that enjoyed a remarkable success with the release of three albums. In 2012, Skoota reunited with his rock band Ra to record a new album, “Critical Mass”, which was released in October 2013.

Because Skoota is writing all the time, he really misses producing and recording his own songs. In 2014, he produced in his own studio his latest solo project. The CD is entitled “Vignettes” and features two fantastic guitarists, David Fiuczynski and Jorma Kaukonen. Skoota describes this last CD as a truly collaborative effort with core friends, an eclectic mix of rhythms and genres, “a work of passion composed of snippets of everything I love”!

Skoota Warner - drums & raps
Freedom Bremner - vocals
Bahnamous Bowie - keyboards
Aaron Dugan - guitar
Ron Jenkins - bass

"Working with Skoota is an absolute blast!  He plays with this infectious joy and has the greasiest, most beautiful pocket in the business!  As far as I’m concerned, Skoota is the Cadillac of drummers!" - David Fiuczynski of Screaming Headless Torsos  

"Skoota Warner is one of the very best rock drummers I have ever worked with, and I’ve worked with plenty over the last 50 years." - Jorma Kaukonen of Hot Tuna

"SKOOTA WARNER - VIGNETTES":   from 24 October to 20 November 2017



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Contact us if you want to book Skoota Warner
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