Vintage New Acoustic




Vintage New Acoustic

Artist: Reggie Washington
Year: 2018

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Reggie Washington has been trying for years to get involved in a project where, as a leader, he would play mostly acoustic bass. Just after the release of his new tribute to Jef Lee Johnson (Rainbow Shadow 2), Reggie rediscovers with happiness the overtones, vibrations, nuances and hum of the four strings of "his" acoustic bass in the album “Vintage New Acoustic”.


Reggie shares this new venture with three exceptional musicians:

- Fantastic keyboardist Bobby Sparks revealed with Roy Hargrove & RH factor and one of the pillars of Snarky Puppy. Bobby is also touring with Chris Dave and Lizz Wright.

- Belgian saxophonist Fabrice Alleman, composer, improviser and unparalleled melodist whom Reggie loves the energy, lyricism, beautiful sound and contagious swing.

- Drummer E. J. Strickland brings a unique ingredient to the music. Leader of an acclaimed quintet, he has agreed to put his talents at the service of Reggie's music. E.J. plays also with Ravi Coltrane, Christian Sands & Manuel Valera.

The quartet's repertoire is a mix of standards and jazz classics enriched with original pieces written and re-arranged to fit the group's mood. This unique mix of tradition and innovation is further enhanced by the subtle combinations of jazz, funk, blues & neo-soul.

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