Special Project

Year by year Jammin'colorS develops projects outside its regular services of management, booking, production and promotion.

We believe these projects are worthy of our time and energy as they respond to clear needs in the music business. 

Below is a brief description of the ongoing project. We'll be happy to share more information with you as soon as the project is up and running.

Music In The Cities

Making a living in the music industry is becoming harder and harder for artists: tours have been shortened, gigs are more frequently canceled last minute and fees have decreased. At the same time, venues have less subsidies while fielding more offers from artists. 

To propose a solution to this dilemma, Jammin'colorS is currently developing the Music in the Cities program: This will be a circuit going from city to city that will allow artists and bands to perform a series of concerts for a mutually agreed upon fee. We would like journalists and photographers in every city to promote these tours, so that they reach a wide audience.  

What are the advantages of this program ?
  • Bands will play together for more than a few gigs and therefore strengthen their music and bandstand chemistry. 
  • Promoters will pay reasonable and lower-than-usual fees for bands.  
  • Transportation will cost less due to shorter distances between venues. 
  • Concerts will be more numerous in hosting countries and the promotion of these concerts will be bigger.
What will make this project possible?
  • The first step is to find festivals, venues and clubs interested in paying slightly less and in welcoming a band for a 2 to 3 week tour.
  • The second step is to find bands that would like to participate in the circuit. The band members will charge less per gig, but will end up making more money by benefiting from a 2 to 3 week tour. 
  • The third step is find journalists and photographers in each city to promote the event.
  • The final step is to present the bands to the promoters and build a tour with all the participants. 
If you are interested in this program, feel free to contact us at jammincolors@gmail.com


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