Gene Lake - The Kingdom Within (Hi-Res Audio)

Gene Lake - The Kingdom Within (Hi-Res Audio)
Gene Lake - The Kingdom Within (Hi-Res Audio)


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Release date:
April 24, 2020

Download available in 24-Bit / 44.1 kHz

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The original release of this album was postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.
You can pre-order the album on this website.

Indeed, on his latest offering, "The Kingdom Within", Gene takes the listener on a journey into jazz-fusion and by using a consistent ensemble - his "Nucleus" - to interpret his compositions, he gives the music a uniform feel throughout. Gene Lake's "Nucleus" features a handful of brilliant musicians that also share that quality of versatility and eclecticism. For the first time, Gene used what he calls a live band that he characterized with five key adjectives: funky, electric, musical, fresh and soulful.

There's a multi-generational component to this recording that can't be denied, as the rhythm section is comprised of Gene's peers and contemporaries, while alto sax duties are deftly handled by the veteran Oliver Lake and by one of the most gifted rising stars, Alex Han. Both lend their own unique perspective to the proceedings, but the music serves as the great equalizer, placing them on equal footing. In this way, Gene allows both musicians to contribute toward a forward-thinking sound. The result: two distinct voices informed by different experiences but "opining" on the same subject... like two dots on the continuum line of the musical tradition.

Gene Lake: drums & percussion
David Gilmore: electric guitar
Brad Jones: electric bass
Federico Gonzalez Peña: keyboards & piano / additional production
Alex Han: alto saxophone

Oliver Lake: alto saxophone