Manuel Valera - Live at l'Osons Jazz Club (CD)

Manuel Valera - Live at l'Osons Jazz Club (CD)
Manuel Valera - Live at l'Osons Jazz Club (CD)


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Release date:
May 22, 2020
€ 20.00 EUR
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The original release of this album was postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic.
You can pre-order the album on this website.

The most important thing for Manuel Valera is to send a positive, cohesive and creating message to his audience without losing his artistic integrity.

"Live at L’Osons Jazz Club" - originally recorded for a live broadcast for France Musique- catches Manuel Valera’s new trio with Yasushi Nakamura and Mark Whitfield Jr at the height of its power doing what they do best,  highly interactive, visceral music that bridges the gap between chamber music, straight ahead jazz and avant-garde music. The recording showcases Valera’s compositions as well as fresh renditions of Monk’s "Evidence", Cole Porter’s "All of You", Jimmy Van Heusen’s "Darn That Dream" and the Cuban classic bolero by Osvaldo Farres "Tres Palabras".  All of these standards have been recorded many times but Valera re-imagines them in a very crisp and original way.

This album also features a couple live versions of compositions from Valera’s 2018 album "The Planets" (Mercury and Neptune) which was commissioned by Chamber Music America in 2017. If he had to give 5 adjectives for this new album, Manuel chooses: creative, collaborative, expressive, burning and spontaneous!