Reggie Washington - Freedom (CD)

Reggie Washington - Freedom (CD)
Reggie Washington - Freedom (CD)


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Release date:
April 1, 2012
€ 20.00 EUR
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The bassist extraordinaire REGGIE WASHINGTON released his second CD entitled "FREEDOM" in Spring 2012.

“FREEDOM” is a meeting of European and American musicians and a mix of different musical genres like Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues, Classical and World Music.

“FREEDOM” is a hope, a message, an opportunity, a present, a liberty and a dream that has come true.

Sometimes up front and sometimes in the background, Washington’s rich tone and undeniable grooves glue all of the different elements together to make it a cohesive and attention-grabbing album.

Reggie is a bassist of rare sobriety and efficacy. His savant bass lines are legible and they always serve the music. He is self-demanding and has great musical taste. His list of collaborations is impressive and he participated in the revolution of modern jazz in the 90s.

"My music represents the cutting edge of jazz today. It's a healthy musical mix paying homage to our forefathers and exploring our craft by journeying down new roads to hep pave the way for the future" says Reggie. For him, music must evolve and he feels he's among the select group of musicians capable of and dedicated to keeping music alive and strong.

The magazine Bass Player featured Reggie in its August 2007 issue with an article entitled "The Eternal Internal" by journalist Bill Milkowski. In 2008 Reggie was among the winners of the Rising Stars electric bassist category in DownBeat magazine's International Critics Poll. The same year he was featured in the April issue of Jazz Times in an article titled "Overdue Ovation; Groove Instincts". He has also appeared in many other publications, including Jazz Magazine, Jazzman, De Bassist, Jazz Hot and Le Soir.

Reggie Washington - basses
Gene Lake - drums
Jef Lee Johnson- guitar

Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes
Fabrice Alleman - saxophone
DJ Grazzhoppa - turntables
Rich Brown - electric bass
Tiboo - spoken word