Reggie Washington - Rainbow Shadow Vol. 1 (CD)

Reggie Washington - Rainbow Shadow Vol. 1 (CD)


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Reggie Washington felt it necessary to record this tribute to Jef Lee Johnson, as he became a fan of Jef Lee's music the moment they met.

"Jef deserves wider recognition for this work and music," says Reggie. "His songs tell many life stories!"

In 2014, Reggie Washington with Marvin Sewell, DJ Grazzhoppa and Patrick Dorcéan recorded for a week at Moods Studio in Brittany, France.
Musicians that had played with Jef, knew Jef or whom Jef loved were invited to contribute their skills to the project: Chico Huff, Yohannes Tona, Wallace Roney, Dana Leong, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Lili Añel, Jonathan Crayford, Monique Harcum and TIBOO.

The cover of the album captures moments of a conversation in which Reggie was explaining his friendship and feelings for Jef Lee Johnson to the photographer, David Crunelle.