Reggie Washington - Rainbow Shadow Vol. 2 (CD)

Reggie Washington - Rainbow Shadow Vol. 2 (CD)
Reggie Washington - Rainbow Shadow Vol. 2 (CD)


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Release date:
December 1, 2017
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Here is the second volume with this unique project ! Reggie has been a fan of Jef Lee Johnson’s music since they met. He believed Jef merited wider recognition for his work. His life stories through song deserved to be heard.

During the last tour in Spring 2017, the band started exploring new tunes and moving in new musical directions. The goal was to record at tour’s end in Marseille, France.

Reggie already had in mind the tunes he wanted to record for this 2nd volume and Marvin, Grazz & Pat brought other ideas, arrangements, feelings and personalities to the project.

This album expresses many feelings reflecting today’s tense geo-political climate. It speaks to our times. And if you carefully listen to and read Jef Lee’s lyrics, they ring true.

RAINBOW SHADOW is also a collective of musicians who want to spread Jef Lee’s music all over the World to reach as many people as possible. This is the most beautiful present we can offer Jef… and the world.

Reggie Washington – bass & vocals
Marvin Sewell – guitar
DJ Grazzhoppa – turntables
Patrick Dorcéan – drums

Federico Gonzalez Peña - keys
Hervé Samb
- guitar
Monique Harcum
- vocals
Ronny Drayton
- guitar
Jimi Hazel
- guitar
John Massa
- saxophone
Tiboo -
spoken word