Paul Jost - Simple Life (CD)

Paul Jost - Simple Life (CD)
Paul Jost - Simple Life (CD)


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Release date:
November 15, 2019
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Paul Jost is an eclectic artist with great skills as a drummer, arranger and composer but it’s his voice that truly makes him a standout. Both critics and contemporaries alike say he is one of the best male jazz vocalists since Mark Murphy.

When describing the unique vocalist, two words come to mind: “passionate storyteller”. To Paul, each lyric offers a message, a story, and he conveys his own interpretation of those stories through his arrangements and the honesty in his performance.

After a long career as an instrumentalist and sideman, Paul has either recorded or performed with such legendary artists as Ron Carter, Dr. John, Billy Eckstine, Mark Murphy, Bucky Pizzarelli and Joe Farrell.

The songs included on “Simple Life” not only look back, paying tribute to the tradition, they also look forward reaching outside the traditional boundaries of the genre. On the album, Paul takes his hand to a number of songs written by Lennon and McCartney, Dylan, Sonny Rollins, Ray Nobel, Duke Ellington, Jerome Kern and a couple of his originals, bringing a fresh approach while at the same time respecting their history and place in the American Songbook.

Paul Jost - vocals
Joe Locke - vibes
Jim Ridl - piano
Dean Johnson - bass
Tim Horner - drums